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Citrix DaaS Jams


The ask was simple: Educate and influence users to transition to DasS and make Citrix their VDI-DaaS of choice. The execution was anything but. In order to get the engagement we needed to be successful we had to think outside the box and present high-level, technical discussions in an easily digestible format. Queue DJ DaaS and the Notorious VDI.

Animator: JJ Surkin

Illustrator: Michael DiMilo

Copywriter: Chris Liakos

Music Production: The Mayfair Workshop

Art Director(s): Heath Rudduck, Chris Liakos


PRSA Silver Anvil: B2B Content Marketing

Gold Telly: Branded Content Campaign – B2B
Silver Telly: Social Video Series – Products & Services

Ad Fed MN Bronze Pin: Branded Content & Entertainment Campaign


Shorty Awards (2 categories): B2B and Product Feat. Video, Finalist

2023 PR Week: Best in B2B, Finalist

In2SABRE: Social Video, Finalist

PRovoke SABRE Awards: B2B Marketing, Finalist

Rap Battle
New Wave

Animation Process

Storyboard Concepting

After some discussion with Citrix's brand team and a couple revisions with our illustrator, we finally landed on character concepts. Once we had that locked down I concepted out storyboards and shot lists to share with the illustrator to ensure we had all the necessary assets to build from.

DaaS Jams Phase 1a DaaS Storyboard.png
Rig Test for DJ DaaS

While waiting for the illustrator to build out final assets I built and tested character rigs. Using Joysticks 'n Sliders I rigged up the concept illustrations and rendered out quick proof-of-concepts.

DaaS Jams Rig Test DaaS.gif
Storyboard For Animation
DaaS Jams Phase 1a DaaS Storyboard F.png

With the character rigs tested and set up I had a better understanding of how these little robots would come to life. My next step was to revise the storyboard and pose out DJ DaaS for an animatic.


Once that was done I timed out the frames to our music so I had reference keyframes for animating.

DaaS Jams Animatic Process.gif


Above is the reference animatic and the first draft side-by-side for comparison. 


The last step of the process was to add in the facial expressions. I wanted to save that for last so that I could introduce as much personality as I could with just the characters' movements. Also because it was hella time consuming and I didn't want to get hung up on the details before the structure was in place.

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