B.C.E. is a top-down multiplayer action game set in the Stone Age. Brandish prehistoric weapons and face off against your enemies across a variety of prehistoric environments. Challenge your friends to some couch-multiplayer action, or buddy up and go online to take on the world! Unlock cosmetic items to customize your caveman - the finest warriors wear only the finest furs. Smash, sock, and skewer your way to the top of the food chain in B.C.E.!



Burnout is a fast-paced, 2 v 2 game mode that can be played locally, online, or as a local/online combo session. The goal of Burnout is simply to be the last team standing. The catch, however, is that each player “owns” a fire that controls his/her ability to respawn. That means that there are 4 fires total – 2 red, and 2 blue. As long as your fire is lit, your caveman will respawn and you can continue to fight. If a player’s fire is extinguished, however, they will not respawn until either the next round starts or their fire is re-ignited by a teammate. Attacking (melee or projectile) a friendly fire will light it, and attacking (melee or projectile) an enemy fire will put it out.



I've known Arjun, Chris, and Conor - the founders of Blue Drop Games - since freshman year of college, where we all lived together in Smith Hall. A few months after Alibi was released the guys approached me and offered the me opportunity to work on their first title, B.C.E., as the Lead Animator and 3D Modeler. I had the pleasure of modeling, rigging, and animating the caveman from scratch. Where we started with stock figures and animations from the Unreal Engine, I worked hard to replace them with original creations that fit B.C.E.'s aesthetic. 



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